On behalf of the team at ISA Science City International School, it is my privilege to welcome you to our website.

We are a highly aspirational organisation, committed at our core to planning, launching and developing a leading international school within the Greater Bay Area. This drive towards excellence has started with the design and construction of an exceptional facility. As is shown in various pages within this site, we have worked with world-leading architects to create a facility which deeply enhances contemporary teaching and learning.

Coupled with our facility, developed on land we own and built by China’s most prestigious construction company, we are developing curriculum of the highest level. As a purpose-built international School, we aim to deliver superior teaching and learning through the recognised accreditation bodies.

Within the structure of our curriculum, is a deep commitment to be a leading languages school. For us, it is crucial that our students are best-prepared to communicate in ways that facilitate their desires to be global leaders in a changing world. All students will have individual pathways in English, Chinese and mother-tongue programmes.

The difference between good and outstanding schools is most strikingly obvious in the quality and commitment of the staff. For Science City, we are working diligently to attract, support and retain a staff who are committed to our vision for excellence, and are passionate about ensuring this vision is brought to life in teaching, co-curricular, community service and boarding programs of the highest quality.

We provide the best-fit opportunity for every child to follow their strengths, passions and family educational direction. We support this with our expertise and high-class resources. We provide for students capable of academic excellence with the motivation to learn, for students with a particular passion in any sports or arts, and also for student who have language and/or learning needs. With our potential to provide individualise learning programs and supports; we help every child to experience success and work towards their life goals.

We expect a great deal from members of our community and value the partnership between school and home. To become extraordinary takes effort, passion and resilience. These qualities will be very clear in our staff, and we encourage families within China and abroad who are seeking a school committed to the development of excellence for each individual child, to contact us and take the time to explore who we are and what we aim to achieve.

Please enjoy exploring our site, follow our regular updates via WeChat, join one of our many upcoming events, and most importantly, make an appointment to meet with us so that we may better understand the needs, hopes and aspirations of your family.




Paul Bawden

Head of School