Every child in every grade level will be actively involved in the sport programme of ISA Science City. For our school, we will have a four tiered approach to the teaching, learning and involvement in sport:


Tier One: Learn for fun

Tier One focuses upon motor-skill development, as well as balance and eye-hand coordinatation. This notion of ‘sport for all’ which is a core element of our learn for fun programme, focuses upon developing the basic skills needed for a range of sporting activities.


Tier Two: Learn to play

Tier Two utilizes the basic skills of our students and begins applying these skills to specific sports. In this programme, students begin to master the rules of competition, understand fair play, develop stronger team work skills, as well as undertake in-school friendly matches.


Tier Three: Learn to compete

Our Tier Three programme enables our athletes to begin improving their skills and competition skills. In this programme, our students will compete in specific sports against other schools. These competitions will be local, regional, national and international competitions across our sporting teams. This programme requires additional commitment from our students, as they undertake a minimum of two training sessions per week, in addition to ongoing competitions.


Tier Four: High performance

Tier Four is for our high performance athletes. In most cases, athletes within this programme will be focused upon national and international level of competition. They will be highly committed to their training programme, with further support and focus upon recovery, nutrition and body maintenance. This Tier will also be an area which provides our students with opportunities for athletic scholarships to leading universities, particularly in the United States. Our staff, academic and sporting, will be on-hand to support the athlete and family as they deal with the additional pressures and expectations that come with high performance sport as a pathway to the world’s best universities and colleges.


Our four tiered approach ensures that every child is provided with the skills, understanding and enjoyment that comes from learning sport. Skills such as collaboration and team work are vital tools that every student should possess. Resilience and commitment are equally vital attributes that our sport programme will develop in every child. Integrity, respect, and a sense of fairness are additionally vital development areas that arise from our sport programme.


Our goal is simple: to provide pathways and opportunities for our students through our sport programme, that also best utilizes our world-leading sporting facilities, for a life-long enjoyment of sport.


Key teams and activities that we anticipate providing across all four tiers of our programme include, but are not limited to:


Stay in touch with us as we continue to share more insight into our partners, programmes and pathways that sport at ISA Science City will provide for your child.